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30 years focused on aluminum extrusion technology and aluminum products surface treatment manufacturers


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Aluminum processing process


(A) Order:
① After the operator receives the processing list, it must understand its meaning and check whether the data indicated in the figure is consistent with the single correlation data.
② in the anastomosis conditions, and then material planning and processing their picking procedures.

(B) picking:
① According to the single collar collar material type, size, color and color recognized by the Treasury staff, according to a single number after the verification of picking.
② First check the appearance of aluminum quality, profile surface corrosion, oxidation defects and serious scratches, scratch depth shall not exceed the surface treatment layer thickness. Curved arc profiles by the inspector 100% inspection before processing.

(C) cutting:
① cutting angle 22.5 ° <α <45 ° of the profile, to be processed in a single-head saw; cutting angle α> 22.5 ° of the profile to be scribed, according to the line processing; curved profile, if the cutting angle of <90 ° , Can be double-headed saw the direct processing, cutting> 90 ° of the central angle, to be crossed, according to line processing.
② cut size tolerances in line with the design drawings requirements.

(D) drilling, milling:
① When drilling according to the line, punch must be used to make holes in the hole; when the hole is not in the plane, it should be adjusted to be flat and then machined; when drilling blind holes, drill holes or drills should be used On the positioning ring control hole depth, to frequent removal; drilling Ф ≤ 6mm hole, the beginning of drilling and drilling fast hole, the feed force should be light, to frequent chip removal, and at the same time add some cutting fluid; drill thin wall Piece, the following should be padded support, should "锪 hole"; drilling, the coolant should be sufficient.
② do not affect the shape of the processing conditions, as far as possible the use of large diameter milling cutter; milling closed internal shape, the first drilling a hole, the diameter should be slightly larger milling cutter diameter; use profiling milling, the first according to imitation Milling the guide rod to determine the size of the template, the manufacture of templates, need to adjust the positioning rod to determine the processing position; with the end milling processing, we must adjust the positioning of the top block and saw blade height.

(E) Packaging:
① unloading and shipped to the packaging to be shipped to the site for packaging, first of all, with a wallpaper blade tilt 45 ° cross-sectional surface inside and outside the edge of the burr.
② profile decorative surface with a clean rag profile wipe the surface dust, oil, etc., posted a good protective tape.
③ wrapped with thin cardboard foil after the profile, tied with a protective tape into a square, each bundle <50kg. ④ indicate the specifications, model, quantity, date, project name.

(F) re-examination:
Check the production of semi-finished products are processed according to the requirements of production.

(Seven) storage:
After the inspection of finished products into the warehouse or loading and delivery to the scene, the specifications should be the same type of neatly stored together, and the profiles flat, heavy weight simple shape on the bottom, complex shape and light weight on the outer.

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