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30 years focused on aluminum extrusion technology and aluminum products surface treatment manufacturers

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30 years focused on aluminum extrusion technology and aluminum products surface treatment manufacturers


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       Star Products aluminum products covered a wide range of industries can be used for the aluminum alloy materials to provide custom processing, our main aluminum material processing for the following, the buyer to provide detailed dimensions of the PDF or CAD drawings, or to provide samples, CAD drawings drawn by our company. Our company designs and manufactures aluminum extrusion dies according to the drawings confirmed by our customers. After confirming the samples by customers, we carry out mass production. Product quality according to GB / T5237-2008 aluminum alloy profiles of high-precision, ultra-high-level standards of implementation, the buyer quality standards beyond the aluminum alloy profiles industry standards, based on consultation, not exceeding the aluminum profile process requirements, you can Orders.

       The company after years of research, in accordance with the customer plans to sample design and development production; product software and hardware have made considerable progress, the use of AutoCAD, ProE, 3DMAX three-dimensional product design software product design. The company introduced the mold induction heating furnace and frequency conversion aluminum bar heating hot shear and other advanced machinery and equipment, and has reached a number of national standards to meet the requirements of high-precision testing equipment for the company's independent design and development, manufacturing, metrological testing provided favorable conditions And strong protection.

       The company's main products include: widely used in precision aluminum profile, heat sink, the surface of the higher requirements of the series and other products, including 6 series, 5 series, 2 series and pure aluminum, electronic control enclosure, heat insulation Aluminum, Radiator, MP3 or MP4 case, HDD Enclosure, Home Appliance Panel, Light Box, Refrigerator Door, Wine Cabinet Door, Form, Display Stand, Aluminum Shelves, Ceiling, Blinds, Telescopic rod (sets), dog bed frame, 狞 Hunting planes, etc., while another car tubing bending, flaring, necking, welding and high-precision surface treatment.