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30 years focused on aluminum extrusion technology and aluminum products surface treatment manufacturers

Their favorite aluminum profiles come from Alcoa

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30 years focused on aluminum extrusion technology and aluminum products surface treatment manufacturers


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Their favorite aluminum profiles come from Alcoa


      Qujiang construction Dongguan Star Products Aluminum customer service contact is by Baidu search for the best quality of the special custom materials, although found Star Products Aluminum Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, but customers directed at the quality, or a courageous choice to believe that we Purchased our industrial aluminum. Want to know the customer's choice is correct? Then take a look at this aluminum bar!

            Quality escort, the distance is no longer an obstacle! As the network developed, the distance between you and me is no longer an obstacle, so Dongguan Xingtai Aluminum can provide aluminum profiles to customers all over the country including Beijing, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang and Hainan. It is also the network closer to our customers and the distance, the quality of the product has become the key to a foothold on the network, there is no refinement, careful refinement of the faith, the stars can not be the largest online aluminum industry Material suppliers.

         Industrial aluminum is manufactured using special industrial aluminum profiles.While developing special aluminum profiles, Upland products have been strengthened in the outer layer according to the product conditions and frequently encountered problems on the market, Design principles such as thickness, the weak links thickened, the wheels used high-capacity wear-resistant silent wheel, long service life.