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30 years focused on aluminum extrusion technology and aluminum products surface treatment manufacturers

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30 years focused on aluminum extrusion technology and aluminum products surface treatment manufacturers



Foreign trade clerk:
More than college education;
Good command of spoken, written, spoken and written English, good communication and coordination skills; Earnest and practical work, quick response, strong sense of responsibility; love of foreign trade, positive work, able to withstand certain work pressure; strong sense of teamwork, Forging ahead and team spirit; more than one year experience in foreign trade development and maintenance of customers; can receive outstanding business English majors.

4, high school education, 18-30 years old,
Have good communication skills, active work, interested in the sales industry;

Milling / fitter:
Each one, aged 18 years -35 years old,
Have more than two years of relevant work experience, will look at the three views; Will mill cutter, drill, drilling, tapping, etc; hard-working, obey arrangements, with good team awareness.

Assembly technician:
2, 20 years old --- 35 years old,
High school education, hard working, motivated, obey the leadership of higher authorities. Hobbies interested in learning youth preferred.

CNC operator:
1, 20 -35 years old,
2 years CNC operation experience. Skilled use of Autcoad, Mastercam and other computer-aided design, aided drawing software, mold manufacturing experience is preferred. Positive, hard working, obey arrangements.

2, 20 -35 years old,
Have more than 1 year working experience; can independently process drawings according to drawings, strong safety awareness; hard-working, obedience to arrangements, good health, no bad habits; rocker drill priority; to adapt to late shift, overtime.

Mechanical Engineers:
1, 25-35 years old,
College degree or above, machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electrical integration; proficiency in the use of CAD, Solidworks, Office, ISO and ERP systems to understand; engaged in the automation machinery industry for more than 5 years; have done robotic industry priority; on the work of a serious, Obedience to superior leadership arrangements. With team spirit; independent design of automatic feeding institutions, the development of non-standard governance.

Art Editor:
1, 20-30 years old,
Familiar with PS, CRD and other art editing software; Understand photography, and have a unique view of the picture editor; Have a unique opinion on the news material.

Marketing Assistant:
1, 20-30 years old,
Familiar with the use of office software, will operate e-commerce, B2B, WeChat public account management, marketing soft paper writing.